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My Health Diary is a unique way to keep track of your medical health records. Keep this handy bright red, hard to lose, 6X9 paperback journal by your bedside and record all of your aches and pains right away.

How many times have you forgotten information about an ache, pain, medications, etc?

This handy medical journal and logbook will assist you in keeping up with every pertinent piece of information.

Just grab it when you are on the way to the doctors office. Your doctor will be very impressed with your thoroughness.

You won’t have to worry about losing your phone with all your information in it.

This booklet will be useful through your lifetime and beyond. Keep it to pass down to your children.

How many times have you been to a doctor and they asked about your family history?

This journal will help you with your medical history and more. This book is the perfect gift for your husband, mother, father, or friend.

Everyone needs a journal to keep track of important health issues or concerns.

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