Changing the Narrative on Life Insurance

When most people think of Life insurance, they automatically think of death.

Life insurance has changed so much over the years that it’s imperative that we take time to educate people on the wide range of services that’s available to them currently.

We want to assist in changing the narrative. People don’t want to think about, nor plan for their own mortality. Its a hard conversation to start whether you’re healthy or sick.

However, we need to have these conversations sooner than later. Tomorrow isn’t promised, so take care of your business today.

Its part of our goal for you to start thinking of Life insurance as your new friend to the end (just like Barney).

Life insurance can be like a friend that you can’t LIVE without. Life Insurance is a tool that’s useful while you are still here on ğŸŒŽ earth.

A friend that continues giving you gifts throughout the years –at just the right time.


Whole life insurance offers lifelong coverage as well as accumulating tax-deferred cash value over time. Whole life with living benefits means that you are able to access the cash accumulation 💸 while you are still alive.

The Cash Accumulation perk can provide an extra income source for you and your family to tap into when needed. It’s TAX Free money that you can borrow from yourself.


A living benefit (aka accelerated benefits or terminal illness rider) is usually additional coverage on a basic life insurance policy. Some insurers may have this option automatically built into your policy at no additional cost.

These additional riders provide supplementary benefits and protection for you while your alive. Most of the time, the riders can be added onto your insurance policy at a minimal (or no) cost if it’s not already built into the policy.

For instance, if you become terminally ill, an accelerated death benefit rider may pay out a portion of your death benefits while you’re still alive. This will help supplement any funds that you may need at the current time. Bills can added up quickly when you fall ill.


We offer a range of services to help you achieve the results you’re after. Not sure what you need, or what it costs? We can explain what services are right for you and explain in more detail.

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