Starting a day early (January 18th) – ALL U.S. households will be able to order 4 FREE Covid19 at home test kits courtesy of the Biden Adminustration in am effort to help take control of th the pandemic that has been surrounding our country since 2020.

 The test kits are completely free to each household while supplies last. Don’t worry ! It’s FREE shipping too.

You can place your order here and you can expect it to be shipped within 7 to 12 days.  The website states that shipping will begin at the end of January

As most of you already know,, there has been a shortage of COVID-19 tests across the country, due to the rapid spread of the Omicron variant.

We hope that this will help slow the spread of the virus, get students back into school and everyone more knowledgeable able and responsible as to whether they have the virus or not.

I’m pretty sure there are a lot of people who are afraid to get tested and opt out; therfore causing widespread transmission to other innocent people.

I’m hoping this program will be successful and people will take a better stance at their health.

Be Safe and enjoy the freebie because I’m sure we will be paying for it somewhere along the way. The price of stamps continue rising, SO I’m sure it will not end here.


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