Here is another true story about a daughter who’s parents purchased a sizable life insurance policy before their passing. The daughter is now an insurance agent. She was grateful for them purchasing the Life Policy and she explains how it changed her life in so many ways.

Camilla Yes!! I can definitely agree. Before I got licensed and learned more about life insurance. I definitely did not see the value in owning a policy.

It’s funny though, because both of my parents died when I was very young, and they both had life insurance which paid my guardian some money every month and then cashed out to me once I turned 18.

I was able to pay for schooling, housing, stuff that I didn’t need LOL etc.

It gave me a great start.

Wish I’d known more about finances… but that’s another story!! An Insurance policy changed my life !!!!!!

Can you imagine your LOVED one being able to paint a similar picture? Something you did which changed their life for the better.

I loved reading this story. Please share your experiences with us too.

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