Term Insurance

Term Life is only effective for a temporary period of time, as designated in the policy. Term policies only pay out a death benefit if the insured dies during the policy term. 

Term policies strictly provide life insurance protection (a death benefit) and do not accrue cash value, such as a Whole-Life Policy.


  • Provides the largest amount of coverage for the least amount of premium.
  • Most appropriate for a person wanting to insure a short-term or long-term debt, such as a car loan or mortgage, respectively.
  • Appropriate for young families or young professionals who require a large amount of coverage, but cannot afford the larger premiums of permanent insurance until later on when their financials are more established. Yet, still securing uncertainty.


  • At the end of the term your death benefit will end
  • If you renew your POLICY the rate may change because of age and any health conditions .
  • May be more difficult to qualify
  • No cash value

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