GARY COLEMAN Life Insurance Situation

I’m sure everyone remembers Gary Coleman from the sitcom back in the 80’s entitled “Different Strokes.”

Gary played the role of an adopted little boy, who also had a brother, “Willis’. They were adopted by an older white gentleman, Mr. Drummand. Mr. Drummand Was such a natural good loving dad.

This was one of my favorite shows at that time. Man, just sitting and reminiscing makes me all happy inside.

Fast forward to real Life situations that allegedly occurred to Gary Coleman in his later years.

At some point in his adult life, he was diagnosed with a kidney disorder. Nevertheless, Coleman died of a brain hemorrhage in 2010.

Unfortunately, Coleman allegedly had difficulty finding an insurance company that would insure him due to his advance stage kidney disease.

It was said that Coleman’s ex-wife made a video where She claimed the “Diff’rent Strokes” actor had difficulty getting life insurance because of kidney disease.

Whether or not this is true, it may not be tyour exact situation, but I’m explaining this scenarios because things can be a lot different for you.

We have access to over 100 A rated carriers who can insure you even if you have an advanced stage disease.

Give me a call and we will try our best to get you insured.

No one wants to have their families create a gofubdme page to bury them..

Get your priorities in order. We’re all going to pass from this earth. We might as well accept it and come to grips with the situation..

Try to snag even a couple small life insurance policies to cover funeral arrangements and to assist in helping other you leave behind.

Its quite normal to have one Whole Life policy and one term policy. Whatever. You decide to do, just get insurance today because tomorrow isn’t promised.

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