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We are asked a llot of questions regarding Marketplace coverage. Therefore, we are answering some of them for the folks who have online access

I lost my job; therefore my health coverage went away. Can I buy a marketplace plan now or do I have to wait for the next Open Enrollment?

Absolutely! you can apply at this time. and all state marketplaces will allow what’s called a ” special enrollment” oe “SEP” opportunity when people lose previous healthcare coverage. 

This includes loss of job-based coverage as well as loss of Medicaid benefits (i.e like the Medicaod redeterminatiion program. )

Remember, you have 60 days following the loss of other “creditable” coverage to apply for a special enrollment opportunity through the Marketplace. will alllow you to apply for the special enrollment opportunity up to 60 days in advance.?

Durimg the application process, may ask for proof of coverage loss after the sign up process.

For example, your empuer ahould.hsve provides you with a a notice indicating your job-based coverage has ended terminated or will terminate.

  You will have to submit documentation and have it approved by or you may lose your temporarily approved.covereage.

Your new Marketplace coverage will take effect on the first of the month following the date you select your new plan. 

Even I’d you select you plan on the last day of the month, it will still take place on the following first day of the month.

If you apply in advance of coverage loss, in states you can elect to have new coverage begin on the first day of the month following the date your old coverage ends.

Agents, like myslef,.Camilla.Motte, are available to help people through this process.  call me at 832-919-8240 . No solicitors please


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