Why Your Insurance Agent Is similar to a Doctor

I know you are probably thinking, ” This makes no sense at all.” Before you click away from the page, let me explain what I mean.

A doctor is a highly trained professional who assists, manage, diagnose, and treat your healthcare.

When your health issue becomes complex, your primary care doctor will sometimes refer you to a specialist who has studied in the field in more detail.

If you had a major health issue you would not self-treat by googling your to find a cause or a cure, right?

To be honest, most of us can’t help but start here first. However. For the sake of time, let’s say you won’t be self diagnosing today.

Therefore, you would go to a professional who understands your current medical condition.

An insurance agent helps you manage, diagnose, and treat your personal and business risks. However, an agent’s work is not going to save your life, but it will help you manage and possibly save your financial health.

Let me give you an example using automotive insurnace.

Most states have certain limits that you are required to hold to be legally within the law. So, most people will purchase the bare minimum required by the state.

The client believes they cannot be held liable for more than the limits they have chosen to purchase. A professional agent will educate you on why they believe this thinking is flawed.

  • What happens if you travel out of state? You may not have enough coverage.
  • If you hit a Mercedes valued at $90,000 and only have $50,000 of coverage, the rest will come out of your pocket.
  • When someone with no insurance hits you, your $25,000 limit may not be enough to cover your medical bills.

These are just a few examples of why having a professional agent can help your financial future.

Believe me, you are not going to get this kind of education if you buy your insurance online, or call an 800 number and get an unlicensed person on the line.

This professional information comes from someone you develop a relationship with.

There are many ways to develop a personal relationship with your agent. First of all, you need to make that call.

We love our clients. Call us today.

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