Does Life Insurance cover suicide?

Life is a magnificent gift that we have  freely received.  Its the most beautiful gift of all. Life is a gift that cannot be packaged  in a box, nor can it be purchased.  Life is irreplaceable and one of its kind.

It gives me JOY to start this conversation on a positive note because the word suicide has no good tied to it.

When we hear of someone committing suicide it truly makes us cringe to the core. No one likes discussing our mortality, but in reality, we must have those difficult conversations if we want to change the world.

Suicide and Life Insurance

When purchasing a life insurance policy, if you aren’t already aware, there is a suicide clause attached to just about every life insurance policy.

When insurance companies decide to insure their clients, they are taking on a risk. Furthermore, they must protect themselves the best they can by adding certain stipulations and clauses to each policy.

Insurance is purchased for the clients protection, but with protection of the insurance company as well. Its a give and take situation.

The “Suicide Clause,” is usually this: within the first 2 years of the issue date of a life policy, the insurance company will not pay benefits to the insurer’s beneficiary if the insured commits suicide.

If suicide is committed within those first two years of the policy, the insurance company may return all premiums to the insured due to the unfortunate occurrence.

So you see, we think insurance is a rip off and I get it, it seems so. However, they do have a heart ❤.

They do not have to return the premiums back to the owner if they didn’t care.

It’s no one’s fault that the suicide happened. Its not the beneficiary fault, nor is it the insurance companies fault.

No one can predict that an individual may possibly attempt suicide.

Nevertheless, this is a prime example of why everyone from newborns to high-school and college aged young adults should have an insurance policy.

So many unexpected life situations beyond our control can happen and when and if it does, someone needs to be prepared for a burial.

I understand these are rough conversations that no one wants to have, but everyone needs to have these discussions today.

In closing, if you have any questions please send us a message below and we will get back within 24 ron48bhiurs or less.

We are here for you.

Blessings and Love

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